Loot Log

Note: Most of these things are in your Satchel of Shiny Things or various backpacks, including your Haversack. Most other mundane items are likely to be kept in your party's chest of adventuring gear.

PP: 5 GP: 1,312 SP: 1,328 CP: 895

Gems:  25, various (total of 240gp), Assorted small diamonds (500gp)

Magic Items: Glass Staff of DefenseRope of Climbing, Ring of Animal Friendship, Ring of Protection, Staff of the Serpent, [[Palien's Pike]]

Trinkets: Tresendar Signet Ring (50gp), Golden Censer (120gp), Jeweled Chalice (150gp), Golden Elf Statue, Cask filled with 17 glasses worth of exquisite Dwarven Brandy, Hollowed Bone Scroll Tube, Jeweled Box (25gp), 5 ornate silver goblets (50gp each, Half-finished carving of a hedgehog, 3 sets of Cult of the Dragon robes, 2 cultist daggers w/ dragon wing motif

Rare Gems: 2x Pearl (100gp each), Large Diamond (500gp), 3 Exquisite Emeralds (300 gp each, 

Scrolls: Charm Person, Darkness, Fireball, Gaseous Form, Greater Restoration, Lightning Bolt, Speak with Dead

Potions: Potion of Healing (x2), Potion of Invisibility, Small vial full of cloudy whispy substance, Large vial full of color-shifitng liquid

Alchemical Reagents: Vial of Mercury (25gp), Vial of Dragon Bile (25gp), Vile of Powdered Nightshade (25gp), Vials of Perfume (2)

Monster Parts: Dragon Teeth (19), Dragon Claws (8), Dragon Scales (10), Dragon Webbing (13lbs), Small dragon rib bones (2), Green Dragon Poison Gland, Green Dragon Heart

Maps & Documents: Tome of Lore on Giants, Map to Raven Rock, Map to Wave Echo Cave, Letters from the Black Spider, Journal of Urmon

Loot Log

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