Main Bag Capacity Main Bag Space Remaining
80 Lbs FULL

Contents: Glass Staff of Defense (3lbs), 3 sets of cult of the dragon robes (9lbs), Biter (7lbs), Maul (6lbs), Palien's Pike (20lbs), Heavy Crossbow (10lbs), 10 Dragon Scales (20lbs), Dragon Heart (5lbs)

Left Pouch Capacity Left Pouch Space Remaining
20 Lbs 5 Lbs

Contents: Dragon Webbing (13lbs), 2 Cult of the Dragon daggers (total of 2 lbs)

Right Pouch Capacity Right Pouch Space Remaining
20 Lbs 20 Lbs

Contents: Dragon claws (8) and teeth (19) (total of 18lbs), 


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