Reidoth (Deceased)

Druid of Thundertree


Druid of the Moon, Level 4

HP: 36
AC: 14

Str:12(1) Dex:14(2) Con:16(3) Int:12(1) Wis:16(3) Cha:8(-1)

Skills: Animal Handling (5), Medicine (5), Nature (3), Survival (5)
Saves: Int(3), Wis(5)

Spell Slots: 4xL1, 3xL2

Spell Save DC: 13

Spells Prepared: Cure Wounds, Ice Knife, Jump, Entangle, Flame Blade, Pass without Trace, Earthbind

Cantrips: Druidcraft, Produce Flame



Reidoth (Deceased)

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