Devlynn Tosscobble

Explorer, Tinkerer, Student of arcane lore


Bard, Level 3 (College of Lore)

Str:13(1) Dex:13(1) Con:14(2) Int:16(3) Wis:7(-2) Cha:16(3)

AC: 12
HP: 24

Spellcasting: +5 to hit, DC13

Cantrips: Light, Prestidigitation
1st Level (4 slots): Cure Wounds, Comprehend Languages, Identify, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter
2nd Level (2 slots): Heat Metal, Invisibility

Bardic: (3x d6 dice per day) As a bonus action, you can inspire an ally to improve their attack, check, or save roll; As a reaction, you can reduce an enemy attack, check, or damage roll.

Passive Perception: 8

Skills: Acrobatics(3), Arcana(7), History(5), Investigation(7), Nature(5), Religion(5), Slight of Hand(3), Stealth (3); +1 to any not proficient
Saves: Dex(3) Cha(5)

Other Abilities: Allies that can hear you will recover extra 1d6 HP when using hit dice to recover HP during a short rest.

Rock Gnome: Darkvision (60 ft); Advantage on all Int, Wis, and Cha saves vs magic; Double proficiency bonus (+7 total) on History checks related to magic items, alchemical objects, or devices.


Abandoned as an infant on the steps of Herald’s Holdfast, Devlynn was raised among the Heralds’ tradition of scholarship and study. From a young age, he was particularly interested in the stories and songs surrounding rare magical items, and of rare transmutation magics that could alter the very fabric of the world. He devoured tomes on arcane lore and spent many sleepless nights obsessing over tales of legendary heroes wielding artifacts of untold power. The more he read, the more he felt a calling to create something of his own – to create a legacy worthy of the songs and tales.

So, one day, he approached his headmaster with a proposal – he prepared a list of exceptionally rare materials and alchemical reagents, some of which were rumored to have long since faded from the world. He proposed to take a pilgrimage outside the Holdfast, so as to gather these rare substances and, in two years’ time, return them to the Heralds for study. In exchange, the Heralds would help him construct his masterpiece.

Amused that a simple gnome of meager magical talents would even consider such a quest, she agreed, and even gave him a lead – travelers to the Holdfast had reported a rediscovered shrine of Oghma had been overrun by goblins outside the recently rebuilt hamlet of Phandelin. The followers of Oghma, many of whom are master diviners, could prove powerful allies in Devlynn’s quest.

The next morning, as he loaded his heavy chest full of supplies onto a southbound coach, Devlynn learned that several of his fellow Heralds had placed modest bets on his success (or failure). So, on his way out the door, Devlynn put down his entire life savings in his own favor: 250 Gold to succeed, at odds of 1000:1 against.

Devlynn Tosscobble

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