Andrys Thorngage

Farmgirl turned agile archer adventurer


Rogue, Level 4 (Scout)

Str:10(0) Dex:19(4) Con:14(2) Int:11(0) Wis:16(3) Cha:9(-1)

AC: 16
HP: 24

Notable Equipment: Shortbow, Engraved Silver Dagger with an Oaken Hilt, Pan Flue, Endless Apples

Sneak Attack: 2d6 extra damage with a ranged or finesse weapon if you have advantage or if your target has another enemy within 5 feet of it that is not incapacitated

Cunning Action: As a bonus action on each of your turns, you can Dash, Disengage, or Hide.

Skirmisher: You can move up to half your speed as a reaction when an enemy ends its turn within 5 feet of you. This movement doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks.

Passive Perception: 15

Skills: Acrobatics(8), Athletics(2), Insight(5), Perception(5), Nature (4), Stealth(7), Survival(7)
Saves: Dex(6) Int(2)

Spells Known: Light, Mending, Find Familiar (1x per LR)

Lucky: Reroll natural 1’s on d20 attacks, checks, and saves.

Stout Halfling: You can move through the space of any creature larger than you; Advantage on saves vs fear; Advantage on saves vs poison, resistance to poison damage

Forager: Can find food & water for up to five people each day. Always has a few apples on hand.


Andrys Thorngage grew up on an orchard northeast of Neverwinter, where she was the oldest of five children. Andrys spent the bountiful harvest seasons deftly climbing the family’s many trees and learned quickly that a well-placed arrow could help her family survive the lean northern winters. On lazy summer days, Andrys would rest in the shade of an apple tree playing the pan flute her father had carved for her and dreaming of an exciting life beyond the homestead.

One day, Andrys watched, from her perch on a high branch, as a fierce storm seemed to chase a ragged, exhausted looking gnome down off the mountains. Andrys rushed to help him and brought him to her family’s homestead. Her family generously allowed him to stay until he was rested and healed. Andrys was fascinated by Orryn Garrick and constantly pestered him with questions about his travels. She learned that Orryn was running away from a violent past and struggling to control his long-suppressed lycanthropy. Andrys’s father overheard this exchange and insisted that Orryn leave at first light. Andrys decided that she would set out with him and see the city of Neverwinter.

Andrys and Orryn parted ways soon, as Orryn feared hurting her with his uncontrolled powers. Andrys returned home to reassure her family she was still safe. As a gesture of thanks, she delivered a cow, Bessie, she received as payment from a traveler she had helped escape a band of goblin raiders. And she rested, for a time. However, having seen but a glimpse of the world beyond her idyllic homestead, she could no longer settle back into the slow, seasonal life of a farmer.

And so, Andrys travels. She seeks out exciting places and extraordinary people, but never forgets her family and her duty to protect those still at home. She keeps them close through the songs that she plays and the apples that she always has on hand.

Andrys Thorngage

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