Aldym Battlehammer

Dwarf-trained human warrior, Merchant


Fighter, Level 4 (Battlemaster)

Str:16(3) Dex:16(3) Con:16(3) Int:13(1) Wis:14(2) Cha:13(1)

AC: 16
HP: 31

Maneuvers: 3x d8 Superiority Dice – Parry, Riposte, Pushing Attack

Great Weapon Fighting: When you roll a 1 or 2 on the damage die for an attack with a 2-handed or versatile melee weapon, you may reroll the die but must use the new roll.

Great Weapon Master: When you make a critical hit with a melee weapon OR reduce a creature to 0 HP with one, you may make a melee attack as a bonus action; Before making a melee attack with a 2-handed weapon, you may take a -5 penalty to the attack and add +10 damage if the attack hits.

Passive Perception: 14

Skills: Athletics(5), History(3), Insight(4), Perception(4), Survival(5)
Saves: Str(5) Con(5)

Other Abilities (1 x per Short Rest): Second Wind, Action Surge

Dwarfson: Your speed is not reduced by being encumbered. You can attune to items normally restricted only to dwarves.


Aldym Battlehammer

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