Thel Dendrar

Woodcarver, Deceased father of two


Thel Dendrar, Phandelin’s resident master woodcarver, carpenter, and close personal friend of Kelvir Goldenhammer, stood up to the Redbrands roughly a week before the adventurers came to town. The redbrands brutally slew him in the street and took his wife and two children captive. The Redbrands threw Thel’s body in the crevasse for their Nothic watchdog to feed upon.

Kelvir Goldenhammer found Thel’s half-eaten body in the crevasse and did what he could to preserve and sanctify the remains. However, after trying to rest in the Redbrand Hideout, Kelvir was stricken by fitful nightmares and visions of Thel’s suffering family. He felt compelled

Much to Kelvir’s joy, by the time he had returned from performing the sacred rights at the temple of Tymora, his adventuring companions had rescued Thel’s surviving family from their Redbrand captors.

Kelvir now has a plan to help heal Thel’s grieving family – it is risky, but with Morthammor’s guidance, the help of a local druid named Reidoth, and a little of Lady Tymora’s luck, it just might work.


Thel Dendrar

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