Sildar Hallwinter

Knight of Neverwinter; Lord's Alliance


Fighter, Level 3 (Battlemaster)

Str:18(4) Dex:11(0) Con:15(2) Int:14(2) Wis:10(0) Cha:15(2)

Skills: Athletics (6), History (4), intimidation (4), Persuasion (4)
Saves: Str(6) Con(4)

Maneuvers: Commander’s Strike, Parry, Riposte

Other Abilities: Dueling, Second Wind(1d10+3), Action Surge

Currently unarmored and unarmed. His armor and weapons were stolen from him when he was captured, but were not anywhere to be found in the goblin’s caves.


An associate of Gundren Rockseeker, Sildar was captured at the same time as his dwarven friend. The adventurers saved Sildar and escorted him to Phandelin. Since he arrived, Sildar has been trying to convince the townmaster to take the Redbrand threat seriously (and failing). He seems very thankful to the adventurers for their assistance in that regard, and is eager to hear what they discovered in their exploration of Tresendar Manor.

Sildar remains concerned for Gundren’s safety and is hopeful that his friend can be located, ideally along with their prized map showing the location of Wave Echo Cave.

Sildar Hallwinter

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