Indomitable blue dragonborn barbarian


Barbarian, Level 4 (Bear Totem)

Str:20(5) Dex:17(3) Con:17(3) Int:13(1) Wis:10(0) Cha:14(2)

AC: 16
HP: 33

Notable Equipment: Glaive, Signaling Horn, Ring of Animal Friendship

Rage (3x per day): As a bonus action when not wearing heavy armor, you can rage for one minute. While raging you have:

  • Advantage on str checks and saves
  • +2 damage with melee str attacks
  • Resistance to all non-psychic forms of damage
    Note: Rage ends if you are unconscious or do not either make an attack or take damage during your turn.

Reckless Attack: On your first attack during your turn, you can gain advantage on a melee weapon attack (if you do so, attacks against you gain advantage until the start of your next turn).

Breath Weapon (1x per SR): You exhale lightning in a 5×30-ft line; Each creature in the line must make a dex save; Creatures that fail the save take 2d6 lightning damage, those that pass take 1/2 damage.

Great Weapon Master: When you make a critical hit with a melee weapon OR reduce a creature to 0 HP with one, you may make a melee attack as a bonus action; Before making a melee attack with a 2-handed weapon, you may take a -5 penalty to the attack and add +10 damage if the attack hits.

Passive Perception: 10

Skills: Animal Handling(2), Athletics(7), Nature(3), Survival(2)
Saves: Str(7) Con(5)

Other Abilities: Advantage on dex saving throws against effects you can see (not applicable if blinded, deafened, or incapacitated)

Blue Dragonborn: You have innate resistance to lightning damage.



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